Your Ledger in the Cloud


Erik Huelsmann

Erik Huelsmann has over 13 years of experience analysing and modelling business processes - mostly from financial and lean six sigma perspectives. Erik has even longer experience at designing and writing software in general, with significant open source contributions both in terms of softtware design as well as implementation.

With over 7 years of experience with the LedgerSMB code base, Erik is one of the most active developers in the LedgerSMB project. He's the driving force behind modernization of the code base toward a 'single page application' structure as well as the first designs for a web API.

With prior hosting experience at the Tech.Coop, hosters for private parties as well as major open source support sites like,, and more, he has exactly the skills required to help make Efficito be the solid cloud provider you need it to be.