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CloudLedger Product Overview


Cloudledger is a full-featured business process management and ERP package that is right for your small business. With CloudLedger you can bill your customers, monitor customer payments, and much more, wherever you are.

CloudLedger Basic starts at $7.49/month.

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Business Benefits

CloudLedger offers your business a low-cost, professionally run, open, and expandable platform for tracking the financial core of your business. We have an incredible feature set and for businesses whose needs are met out of the box by our software, we offer value beyond compare.

With CloudLedger, you are in control of your business's data. When you need a more complex setup, due to e.g. business growth or more advanced security controls, we provide an upgrade path to CloudLedger Plus. If you ever need to self-host, we can send you your data so you can import it into similar software running on your own computers.

CloudLedger is accessible anywhere in the world, so you can create your invoices from customer locations, and your sales force can enter orders when they are on-site at customer locations.

CloudLedger is offered in two flavors. Our flagship offering, CloudLedger Plus, offers businesses an affordable accounting and ERP platform with a wide-range of options for integrating with a business.

We also offer CloudLedger Basic, which is a scaled-down version of CloudLedger for very small businesses, such as sole proprietorshops. This offering brings the core features below to businesses with only one or two users and which do not have a need for the more extensive integration options available as in CloudLedger Plus.

For more information on the differences between the CloudLedger Basic and Plus products, see our product comparison page.


CloudLedger comes with an impressive feature set, and is capable of supporting invoice and order management, financial, and supply chain management, project accounting, and inventory management.

Among our features are:

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Accounting; AR, AP, fixed assets
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Separate environment for training and experimentation included
  • Off site backup