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Additional Service Terms for CloudLedger Basic

Terminology of this document is subject to the definitions in the general terms of service.

  1. Treatment of customer owned data
    1. Upon termination of the customer account, customer owned data will be made inaccessible by us. Actual data deletion may take up to 90 days to become effective, including the time required for all data to be expunged from our off-site backups.
    2. The data removal period above is a maximum time. Actual data deletion may happen much faster. Once the account deletion request has been confirmed by us, we are under no obligation to restore data at your request or provide it to you.
  2. Backups
    1. We ensure frequent backups. These backups are meant to restore service in the event of a major operational failure; these backups are not available for customer use.
    2. Customers can request backups for their own use by filing a support ticket in the web interface. An additional charge is applicable for this service.
  3. Customization of the service
    1. The service cannot be customized beyond the configuration parameters offered through the web-interface and the LedgerSMB add-ins which come with the service by default in the Efficito CloudLedger Basic offer.
  4. Fair use
    1. You shall not use the service to engage in illegal activities such as storing and sharing (publicly nor privately) improper or illegal content.