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Run it Yourself: LedgerSMB


CloudLedger is our hosted offering of LedgerSMB, an open source ERP and financial accounting application based on Perl and PostgreSQL. The entire stack can be run on free software all the way down to the operating system.

If you are considering using CloudLedger, access to backups means you can always move onto a system you host yourself or to a different hosting provider. We make our money providing services we want you to stay with us because we provide quality services, not because you have to.

If you choose to self-host, we offer a variety of services to help you be successful. These include consulting, customization, and support services.

Our hosted offerings sometimes include backported features from forthcoming versions but these are released as add-ons. The only thing we do not contribute back to the community is our module for authenticating Cloudledger Basic users. This module, however, is not relavent to users who are running it themselves.

Service Offerings

Installation and Upgrade Assistance

For just $195, we will install LedgerSMB or upgrade to the next major version. In addition we will provide a brief review and basic feedback on your hardware needs as well as backup and recovery. Migration of customizations is not included.

We also provide support accounts starting at $295 per server per year. The price above is based on uncustomized LedgerSMB running in a fairly simple environment. More exotic environments may require additional charges for complete coverage.

We also provide customization and custom development services. Naturally the size and scope of these projects varies quite a bit, so please contact us for a quote.