Your Ledger in the Cloud

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Do you know any companies using LedgerSMB?

Yes. The site collects testimonials, but more importantly we use LedgerSMB ourselves to run the Efficito operations.

Who uses the CloudLedger Plus product?

Any business can use the CloudLedger and CloudLedger Plus products. We have customers in a number of industries (e.g. wholesale, light manufacturing and software development), located all over the the world, amongst others: Singapore, UK and USA.

Since we firmly believe in "Practice what you preach" we use the product ourselves extensively.

How do you prevent vendor lock-in?

Our offerings are database compatible with (and based on) LedgerSMB - an open source ERP system freely available for download on the web. That way, if you want to leave Efficito, you can simply install the software yourself, or find another hosting company to do so for you.

Do you make backups?

Yes: backups are created and moved off-site for your administration multiple times per day. These backups are intended for our own disaster recovery process. If you need a backup of your own, you can download it from your own portal (in case of a CloudLedger Plus contract) or you can request a backup from our support portal (in case of a CloudLedger Basic contract).

Is the CloudLedger Plus pricing per company and/or per user?

Neither: Our CloudLedger Plus product pricing is on a per-contract basis. Using one contract, you can create multiple users and multiple administrations. We recommend that the contract be up-scaled when you expect more than 10 concurrent users though.

Is the CloudLedger Basic product safe to be used? After all, it's not in a private cloud...

Yes: we take the same security measures for CloudLedger Basic and Plus instances.

The difference is that the hosting in a CloudLedger Basic proposition is being shared between multiple Efficito customers while the hosting for CloudLedger Plus customers is strictly private. This allows us to offer greater options for customizing the software and offering. In addition, while we have some advanced security options for Cloudledger Plus, the baseline for Cloudledger Basic meets or exceeds industry standards

I'd like to use my CloudLedger database for other business processes and applications; is that possible?

If you use CloudLedger Plus, yes, you can ask for configuration adjustments which allow this. If you use CloudLedger Basic, your only option is to switch to CloudLedger Plus.

My domain is set up to protect outgoing e-mail using SPF. Can I send mail from CloudLedger?

Yes. We have several options to deal with SPF protected domains for outgoing mail: you can add the CloudLedger server to your SPF allowed senders list by adding "a:<your-id>". Or we can route the outgoing e-mail to your mail server. However, that requires configuration changes to both our and your e-mail servers.

I want to protect the outgoing mail from my CloudLedger using DKIM. Is that possible?

Yes. This requires some additional records in your domain setup. Please file a support ticket for more details.