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CloudLedger Plus For Small Businesses

CloudLedger Plus is a private business management program with integrated accounting, which can be customized and extended to meet the needs of your small business. With CloudLedger Plus, you can control where the program is accessible from and change the workflows to meet your needs. With CloudLedger Plus, your business is in control.

While our standard offering assumes up to 10 concurrent users, we do offer larger instances. We do not charge per user, only for capacity. You can add users without notifying us or paying more.

CloudLedger Plus is available today.
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Standard pricing starts at $29.99/month. Demo available!

Business Benefits

First and foremost, CloudLedger Plus offers operational flexibility. We put you in control of your business and offer services to support your endeavors in this regard.

CloudLedger Plus comes with all the features of CloudLedger, but runs in your own private cloud. You can have the application customized through our network of consultants, set up additional advanced security controls, and much more. You can even set up remote access to the database for integration with other software, or custom reports.

CloudLedger Plus is accessible anywhere in the world you want it to be, but only from the areas you would like it to be. We can support virtual private networks, and integrate with your internal business network, or simply restrict access to your business locations. On the other hand, if you need access to it from the internet generally, this can be done too. We take security quite seriously and ensure that with us your business-critical data is safe.

CloudLedger Plus gives you the peace of mind to know that this critical piece of your business is being managed by us but also that your hosted application can be made to do whatever you want. More than an ERP application, you get a foundation for your business.


In addition to the impressive feature set of CloudLedger, CloudLedger Plus offers a variety of features intended to allow solutions to be more clearly tailored to the needs of individual businesses. With CloudLedger Plus you get a virtual private server, an ability to run multiple business entities with common user accounts, and a set of features which make it possible to integrate the software with the rest of your business.

With CloudLedger Plus, consultants can design scripts which will automate scheduled tasks, integrate the software with other programs your business runs, and much more.

Premium Features

  • General Consultant access for Customization
  • Point in Time Recovery from Backup*
  • Full VM access**